Dealing With Asperger's / by Geoff Harrison

A confronting exhibition is about to end at Latrobe Regional Gallery.  It's called Splinters Of The Minds Eye by Neale Stratford.  In this show, Stratford interprets the real world through the veil of Asperger's Syndrome with which he was diagnosed years ago.  

"I explore the gaps between internal and external realities, examine wanton desires and delusional thoughts within the context of everyday reality in the understanding of the paradox that is me."  Stratford's work puts me in mind of Bill Henson but with a powerful psychological twist.  References are made to anxiety, depression, introversion and autism that are part of his daily existence.  But at least Stratford has the ability to deal with his "disability" creatively.  I can't imagine what it must be like for those who can't.