Anh Do

The ABC's Token Gesture To The Arts by Geoff Harrison

Not him again!  Yes, it's him again.  Anh Do's brush with bullshit makes its return to ABC television.  As I've argued before, there must be hundreds of thousands of visual artists in this country and just one guy gets all this exposure.  Why?  So what if he is a refugee who made good.  It's time we got over it and focused attention on other artists in this country.

Anh do.jpg

What makes me sad is I can remember the days when there was very good arts coverage on the ABC and SBS.  I have the DVD's to prove it (many of them dubbed from VHS - some of the programs being THAT old.)  

I'm sure the more enlightened of you would have figured out that Anh's Brush With Fame is not about art at all, it's about the "celebrities".  The attraction of the show for the ABC is that it's cheap to make as there is no research, just a friendly chat show whilst the guy is painting and it might as well be a morning cooking show.  All very sad really and it represents a dumbing down of arts coverage on free to air TV.